Recently Departed

Recently Departed

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Recently Departed

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James Austing

Belinda Reyes

Thomas Novak III

Patricia Collins

Robert Knox

Carol Rydberg

Planning a Funeral Mass or Memorial Mass

If God has called your loved one home please know that we are very sorry for your loss and we will be keeping you and your family in our prayers. We hope the following information is helpful to you as you try to carry on during this difficult time.

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  • Normally the funeral director of your choice will contact us to arrange the time and day for the funeral Mass.
  • Normally funeral Masses are held at 10:00 AM and 11:15 AM (if there is a second funeral).
  • Our Bereavement Minister will contact you to arrange a meeting with members of the family to assist you and to answer any questions you may have.

 Our Lady of the Woods Prayer Garden

The Prayer Garden at our parish sits behind the statue of Mary. You can see it through both the chapel and the newly renovated sitting room (which was the coat room). Additionally, we invite you to walk through the garden and view the stones our parishioners have purchased. If you would like to purchase a stone, please complete THIS FORM (link) and submit it to the parish office.

All Souls

As a community we pray for all those who have lost a loved one. The list below represents the names of the deceased who have been buried from Our Lady of the Woods from November 1, 2017 until October 31, 2018.

James Austing 10/8/18
Belinda Reyes 10/7/18
Thomas Novack 10/3/18
Patricia Collins 9/30/18
Robert Knox 9/27/18
Carol Rydberg 9/25/18
Allen Thomas Coyne 9/2/18
Alan Kaspar 8/27/18
Mary Lloyd 8/26/18
Ane Marie Sobut 8/21/18
Mikolaj Tchoryk 8/22/18
Ane Marie Sobut 8/21/18
John “Mike” Ford 8/4/18
Michael O’Neill, Sr 8/2/18
Patricia Hayes 7/21/18
Peter McKeone 7/24/18
Frank Graben 7/18/18
Carmen Pinto 7/9/18
John W. Walsh 7/6/18
Tadeusz Dudlo 6/30/18
Carmelo Chiaro 6/26/18
Donna Krieger6/19/18
Renee Isadore 6/24/18
Janet Manning
Ryan McKinney 6/19/18
Ruth Iammarino 6/16/18
David Claus 6/10/18
Michael Krapec 6/12/18
Hugo Sosapavon 6/9/18
Vincent Guiffra 5/29/18
Patricia Allen 5/22/18
Nancy Grasso
Michael Enk 5/15/18
Raleigh Wilkinson
Joseph Pezdek 5/14/18
Raymond Kelly 5/6/18
Timothy Haberkorn 5/2/18
William Duffner 5/2/18
Anna Rose Delasso 4/30/18
John Fron 4/29/18
Stefania Zdanikowska
Patricia Schroeder 4/28/18
Erin M. Mott 4/17/18
Elizabeth Maier 4/14/18
James Dakuras 4/5/18
Terese Radziwonowicz 4/9/18
Mary Rita Stump 4/8/18
Thomas J. Noetzel 4/7/18
Noreen Gurgone  4/3/18
Judith Austin  3/24/18
Angela Brunacci 3/19/18
Frank Shubat 3/19/18
Ann Goldrick 3/16/18
Thomas Stanovich 3/10/18
Anthony Macino 3/9/18
Garnita Metz 3/7/18
Jean Maloney 2/28/18
Evelyn Lopezalles 2/26/18
Florine Reiling 2/26/18
Thomas Freeman 2/24/18
Stanley Liszka 2/11/18
Romano Grazian 1/26/18
Madonna Barnosk
i 1/10/18
Jacqueline Bogner 1/16/18
Mary Maier 1/14/18
Richard Kubis 1/2/18
Joseph Butkus 12/21/17
Rosemary Byerly 12/19/17
Rosemary Nolan 12/17/17
William Marciano 12/16/17
Dolores Kobilca 12/16/17
Dorothy Parker 12/14/17
Catherine “Dolly” McCarthy 12/12/17
Robert Clarke 12/11/17
Charles Luebben 12/7/17
Margaret Brown 12/7/17
Evelyn Kozlowski 12/5/17
Gary Kohonen 12/2/17
Lottie Fredericks 11/29/17
Tim Gately 11/24/17
Frank Cristina 11/24/17
Rodney Boucek 11/23/17
Lisa Nicole Vanoffelen 11/19/17
Elizabeth Eppenstein 11/13/17
Jacqueline Siensa 11/9/17
Walter Kuta 10/31/17