First Communion & Reconciliation
Sacraments are ritualized celebrations for the parish family. They celebrate the presence of God in our daily lives, in ritual and with our faith community. Normally First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion take place in second grade.

First Communion Liturgies


Children are assigned to a First Communion Liturgy with their class.  The following list gives you the date and time for the Mass your second grader has been scheduled to celebrate their Communion at.  Retreats are assigned according to classrooms also, so mark your calendars.


April 26TH,  2:00 PM May 3RD, 2:00 PM
Wed. Rm. 105 Mrs. Arnold Mon. Rm. 105 Mrs. Zielinski
Rm. 107 Mrs. Thomas Rm. 107 Mrs. Eul
Rm. 108 Ms. Madura Rm. 108 Mrs. Tuminello
Rm. 120 Mrs. Bellair Academy Students


First Communion Retreats—Children Only

Wednesday March 11, 2015–Students in April 26th Liturgy


Thursday, March 12, 2015–Students in May 2nd Liturgy

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Gathering Space

Children only attend this retreat.

A detailed letter with all the Important dates you need will be mailed home in February.  This flyer is to give you a basic idea of the dates and times that you will be planning around.  Please call the REP office if you have any questions, 361-9435.


If there is a conflict for your family with the date assigned your First Communion student, please call the office by February 1st, 2015.

If possible we will assign your child to the other liturgy celebration.

Parish Policy

Baptismal certificates are required for each child preparing for the sacraments. If your child was baptized at Our Lady of the Woods Church, we have a copy on file. If your child was baptized at another parish we need to see an original copy of the certificate. We will return this to you after we make a copy for our records.

Children must attend two consecutive years of religious education classes to be eligible for the sacraments, unless they are currently attending a Catholic school. Transfer forms must be presented from the parish program you attended last year.

Parents’ involvement in sacramental preparation is essential. Attendance at parent meetings is a part of the commitment. We ask that parents help their students with lessons, projects and prayer. Families should regularly attend parish liturgies and the sacrament of Reconciliation, together. If parents are concerned that their child is not ready to receive a sacrament, contact the Religious Education office to set up a conference with the parish staff.

Sacramental Programs

Grade 2:
Children normally make their First Reconciliation in second grade prior to their first Holy Communion. Preparation begins with an understanding of making good choices and bad choices, then saying “I’m sorry.” for bad choices (sin.) The catechists will prepare the children for the sacrament, along with the parish priests.

Ongoing Participation:
Children will participate in the sacrament of Reconciliation annually with their REP groups during the Lenten season through Grade 8.

Preparation for Reconciliation is ongoing in our religion classes. In Grade 5, special attention is given to emphasize the concept of God's healing love and forgiveness.

Grade 2
The Eucharist is Jesus’ presence with us and among us in our celebration of Mass. Preparation for First Eucharist takes place in Grade 2. Children celebration their reception of the sacrament on the last Sunday in April or the first Sunday of May in a group. Individual celebrations can be arranged for special circumstance.

Children who enter the Religious Education program at Our Lady of the Woods after Grade 2 and have not made their First Communion or Reconciliation will be asked to attend REP for a year and then meet with the Director of Religious Education to map out a plan for preparation to receive the sacraments.

Parents of children from Our Lady of the Woods parish who are currently attending a neighborhood Catholic school should contact the Religious Education office to facilitate their child’s participation in the sacrament here at Our Lady of the Woods.

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