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Policy Update 6/11/2021

Thank you very much for your participation and support of our church during this last year. It has been such a blessing to worship and pray with you. We are grateful for your patience as we did all we could to keep our church safe for our parish family. As we all celebrate the opening of Illinois, we welcome the relaxed restrictions. But, your safety continues to be important to us. Below you will find our updated guidelines and and we appreciate your continued cooperation.

The new guidelines indicate that we are back at full capacity levels at this point.

Registration is NO longer a requirement.

All are still asked to sanitize their hands prior to entering church.

There is no longer a requirement to have hands sanitized prior to communion.

Masks are no longer required for those parishioners that have been vaccinated. For those who haven't, masks should still be worn.

News and Upcoming Events

Our Parish is named after Mary, the Mother of Jesus. For Christians she is the model of welcoming and hospitality. She said yes to God and gave to the world His only begotten Son. It is our hope that Our Lady of the Woods Parish will become a strong spiritual resource for you.

Whether you are a new parishioner, a life-long parishioner or an in-between parishioner, it is our hope that you find something that may interest you or something that may assist you in your life. The purpose of ministry is not only to encourage people to become involved in parish life, but for parishioners to be of service to one another. The modern day parish must respond to the many needs of its members through cooperative efforts.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact the parish office for assistance at 708-361-4754 or parishoffice@ourladyofthewoods.org.


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