Women’s CRHP February 23-24, 2019

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CRHP Retreat FAQ’s

    1. What does “CRHP” stand for?
      “CRHP” stands for Christ Renews His Parish. It is a process through which individuals are renewed in faith and are inspired to share their life in Christ with others.


    1. When? Where? What time?
      Each year at Our Lady of the Woods Parish the CRHP retreat takes place right on our Parish campus. We have great overnight bed accommodations.
      2019 Schedule: CRHP for women, February 23 -24, 2019Each retreat begins on Saturday morning at 8:00 AM and ends at approximately 2:30 PM on Sunday.
      Because the success of CRHP depends on the relationships being formed throughout the weekend. It is important that you plan for an overnight.


    1. What can I expect?
      For thousands of years, people have gone on retreat to the wilderness for many reasons: to pray, to seek God, to find direction or perhaps better understand their own identity. Going on this CRHP retreat is a chance to step away from our regular lives and reenergize our souls and bodies with deliberate attention to rest, laughter, great food, conversations and a renewed heart.
      Saturday morning begins with continental breakfast, welcome and introductions. There are opportunities for personal reflection, sharing and some fun. Also, there is opportunity to go to Confession and attend Mass. Saturday activities conclude with opportunity for laughter, conversation and fun. Sunday morning begins with breakfast followed by activities that reenergize the mind and heart, quiet time for reflection. Closing activities and remarks occur approximately at 2:30PM.


    1. What about meals?
      All Meals and snacks are provided for the whole weekend. Please let us know of any specific food needs or allergies. We love to accommodate.


  1. What is the cost?
    There is no cost; it is our gift to you!