Children’s Athletic Ministry

The mission of the Children’s Athletic Ministry is to provide the youth of the parish an opportunity to participate in athletic events in order to foster sportsmanship, develop morals and experience teamwork at its highest level. We expect all participants to learn, train and play the games to prepare themselves for adult Catholic life. While we support each person playing and competing, it is experiencing teamwork, applying Catholic moral philosophy and developing sportsmanship that is of primary importance.

We offer a variety of sports:

Pee-Wee Soccer:
Boys’ Football:
Girl’s Basketball:
Boy’s Basketball:
Girl’s Volleyball:
Boy’s Volleyball:
Boy’s Soccer:
Girl’s Soccer:
Boy’s and Girl’s Golf:
Grades 1 – 2, Spring
Grades 3 – 8, Fall
Grades 3 – 8, Fall
Grades 3 – 8, Winter
Grades 4 – 8, Winter
Grades 4 – 8, Spring
Grades 4 – 8, Spring
Grades 4 – 8, Spring
Grades 5 – 8, Spring

The Athletic Board is a volunteer nine-member commission that directs the athletics program and is responsible for managing its events, participation and finances. The Board meets on a monthly basis. Notices of board openings are posted for 2 weeks in the bulletin. Open Board meetings are held each month during the first 30 minutes of the scheduled meeting all parishioners are invited to share their concerns, suggestions and comments. By-laws are on file in the office. Please feel free to request a copy.

The Athletic Board works with the Athletic Director to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants and their families and coordinates with the Youth Ministry and REP program to complete the Education/Formation Ministry within the parish.

Guidelines for A / B Program

Athletic Handbook for 2019-2020

The Children’s Athletic Ministry Board
Mike Roach, Jill Duffner, Mary Lovell, Ann Murray, Megan Arnold, Mario Sanchez, Tanya Adams, Laura Wojciechowski, Mike Gallagher, Drew Richards, Patrick Cunningham, Pete Fitzpatrick, Patrick Ready, Traci Zummerchik, Tony Driscoll, and Maria Koeppen

A Prayer to see God in Youth Sports

We pray for young athletes…
Who, through sports, develop important values such as loyalty, perseverance, friendship and sharing.
We pray for coaches…
Who appreciate the gifts of all players and have respect for the game,
who place players before winning and value sportsmanship.
We pray for parents…
Who love their children for who they are, not how they perform.
We pray for officials…
Who inspire fair play and protect the integrity of the game and players.

O God, we pray for all who participate in the games;
may their hearts be open to see your presence in and through sports;
may their minds remember the element of fun reflective of your Spirit;
may their bodies reflect the gracefulness and wonder of your creation.
Let all who play the games be enriched by your presence in the gym and on the fields.

By Ed Hastings

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