Boys’ Volleyball Registration

Boys’ Volleyball Online Payment

Questions? Contact Brian Zielinski, Athletic Coordinator at bzielinski@ourladyofthewoods.org

Parents we need your help with the following:

  1. Make sure you pick up your children on time. Our coaches are donating their time. Our coaches must remain with the children until the last one is picked up so please be considerate. Also, please drop your children off on time and not early for practices. We cannot have children in the gym unsupervised.
  2. Do not bring siblings or your children’s friends to practice. They are distracting to the coaches and other players.
  3. Please reinforce the idea to your children about keeping their feet off of the walls. We have a beautiful facility and would like to keep it that way.
  4. No gum in the gym and no drinks in the gym during practice – leave them in the hallway.
  5. Absolutely no spikes in the gym or black soled shoes.
  6. Keep in mind that the Athletic Association has established guidelines for playing time which can be found in the handbook. If you feel these guidelines are not being followed, please discuss the situation with your coach. If no agreement can be reached, contact the basketball coordinator.
  7. Make sure that you volunteer your fair share of time. The gym doesn’t operate on it’s own. We need your help to make it run smoothly.
  8. If by chance your child’s team is scheduled to practice at 9pm on a Monday when REP is in session, your child must leave REP and return at scheduled practice time. We can not have the children roaming the building or grounds unsupervised.
  9. If you find that you can not make the date you signed up for please do not call the Athletic office. You need to find someone to come in for you.