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All Souls Day Mass will be celebrated on November 2, 2020 at 7:00 pm. Registration is requested as space is limited.


At this time Covid-19 restrictions apply to all masses.
Please consult with parish minister.

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Michael Gorman

Laura A. Kachergius

Victor Vaisvilas

Sylvia Giovannetti

James Tysiak

Marie Peltz

James Kerrigan

Carolyn O’Brien

If God has called your loved one home, please know that we are very sorry for your loss and we will be keeping you and your family in our prayers. We hope the following information is helpful to you as you try to carry on during this difficult time.

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  • Normally the funeral director of your choice will contact us to arrange the time and day for the funeral Mass.
  • Normally funeral Masses are held at 10:00 AM and 11:15 AM (only if there is a second funeral).
  • Our Bereavement Minister will contact you to arrange a meeting with members of the family to assist you and to answer any questions you may have.

 Our Lady of the Woods Prayer Garden

The Prayer Garden at our parish sits behind the statue of Mary. You can see it through both the chapel and the newly renovated sitting room (which was the coat room). Additionally, we invite you to walk through the garden and view the stones our parishioners have purchased. If you would like to purchase a stone, please complete THIS FORM (link) and submit it to the parish office.

All Souls

As a community we pray for all those who have lost a loved one. The list below represents the names of the deceased who have been buried from Our Lady of the Woods from November 1, 2019 until October 31, 2020.

Michael Gorman 10/18/20
Laura Kachergius 10/17/20
Victor Vaisvilas 10/17/20
Sylvia Giovannetti
James Tysiak 9/27/20
Marie Peltz
James Kerrigan 9/30/20
Carolyn O’Brien 9/27/20
Elizabeth Bonnie Dames 9/25/20
Regina Dignan 9/23/20
Phyllis Stevens 9/22/20
Daniel Randolph 9/17/20
Paul Huetteman 9/11/20
Georgiann Drobitsch 9/9/20
William Cooley 9/7/20
Natalie Multack 9/8/20
Lorraine Piechalak  9/5/20
Glenn Schroeder 8/6/20
David Colby 9/2/20
William Stanley 8/24/20
Paul Pacholik 4/23/20
Lily Ong 8/2/20
Lillian Snow 8/12/20
Margaret McCormick 8/8/20
Patrick Curtis 7/31/20
Josephine Beebe 7/30/20
Elizabeth LaDouceur 7/28/20
Ronald Shereyk 7/15/20
James Riordan 7/18/20
Thomas McDonald 7/10/20
Alice Chlebek 7/8/20
Kenneth Kubiak 6/20/20
Michael Katsiroubas 6/30/20
Walter Gacek 6/20/20
William Wormuth 6/14/20
Margaret Basile 6/14/20
Patrick Pedota 6/12/20
Janet Egan 6/11/20
Joseph Grennan 6/3/20
Josephine Zdanowski 6/2/20
Gloria McGrath 6/1/20
Anne Berndl 6/1/20
Arlene Datillo 5/23/20
Richard “Dick” Stefan 5/2/20
Paulina Wojnarowicz 4/23/20
Robert Tracy 4/24/20
Jeffery Stokes 4/15/20
Kathleen Carmody 4/11/20
Lillian Rosinski 4/11/20
Frank Zasadny 4/11/20
Geraldine Gozder  4/4/20
Adelaide E. Bialek 4/3/20
Juliana Fischer 3/14/20
Robert Mackovitch 3/13/20
Stanley Howaniec 3/9/20
Robert McGarry 3/3/20
Jane “Joan” McKendry 3/3/20
Robert Karlo 2/26/20
Arlene Clancy 2/10/20
Robert Nelson 2/8/20
David Winkleman 2/1/20
James McDonnell 1/31/20
Joyce O’Connell 1/18/20
Henry Groen 1/14/20
Karen Gutrich 1/9/20
Evelyn Dwyer Cleland 1/9/20
Frank Calzaretta 1/4/20
Francis Florek 1/3/20
Edward McNally 12/30/19
Irma Wells 12/29/19
Brian Peck 12/16/19
Leonard I. Fornek 12/4/19
Nora Hanafin 11/24/19
Kelli Fields 11/19/19
Brett Roberts 11/12/19
Zoran Corluka 11/5/19
Sister Mary Montgomery, OP
Donna Marie Delach 11/2/19