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Brett Roberts

Zoran Corluka

Sr Mary Montgomery, OP

Donna Marie Delach

Barbara Pepper


If God has called your loved one home please know that we are very sorry for your loss and we will be keeping you and your family in our prayers. We hope the following information is helpful to you as you try to carry on during this difficult time.

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  • Normally the funeral director of your choice will contact us to arrange the time and day for the funeral Mass.
  • Normally funeral Masses are held at 10:00 AM and 11:15 AM (only if there is a second funeral).
  • Our Bereavement Minister will contact you to arrange a meeting with members of the family to assist you and to answer any questions you may have.

 Our Lady of the Woods Prayer Garden

The Prayer Garden at our parish sits behind the statue of Mary. You can see it through both the chapel and the newly renovated sitting room (which was the coat room). Additionally, we invite you to walk through the garden and view the stones our parishioners have purchased. If you would like to purchase a stone, please complete THIS FORM (link) and submit it to the parish office.

All Souls

As a community we pray for all those who have lost a loved one. The list below represents the names of the deceased who have been buried from Our Lady of the Woods from November 1, 2019 until October 31, 2020.

Brett Roberts 11/12/19
Zoran Corluka 11/5/19
Sister Mary Montgomery, OP
Donna Marie Delach 11/2/19


Barbara Pepper 10/21/19
Aldo DeBenedetti 10/19/19
Lorraine Luby 10/19/19
Lucille Bocian 10/12/19
Mary McFadden 10/12/19
Lucille Finucane 9/29/19
Loretta Glasgow 9/28/19
Frank Gomulka 9/25/19
Richard Pogornik 9/21/19
Maureen Coughlin 9/12/19
Gilda Podgornik 9/1/19
Edward Glabicki 8/28/19
Joseph Pastorino 8/27/19
Grace Duggan 8/25/19
Noreen Brady 8/24/19
Edward Mills 8/19/19
Mary Farrell 8/14/19
Mary Frances McMahon 8/10/19
Jerold Wojcik 8/6/19
Mary Lou McCurrie 7/31/19
Mary D. McCormick 7/26/19
Janet Block 7/29/19
Lisa Sterchele 7/15/19
Mary Ann Green 7/12/19
Matthew Kovats 6/30/19
Vincent McEnerney 6/25/19
Laverne Panozzo 6/24/19
Fr John Finnegan 6/16/19
Marie Chispetto 6/20/19
Rosemarie Prustalski-Pruett 6/19/19
Joseph Knopp 6/13/19
Alex Schuetter 6/9/19
William Steed 6/7/19
Carlos Berthet 5/30/19
Eric Horabik 5/25/19
Ida Chirillo 5/20/19
Jane Kuzel 5/16/19
Doreen Petriekis 5/13/19
Jacqueline Erickson 5/12/19
John “Jack” Hayes 4/26/19
Cono Stobble 4/24/19
John Follenwieder  4/23/19
Catherine “Kay” Hooker 4/16/19
Joseph Smagala 4/11/19
Lucille “Lou” Knights 4/9/19
Joseph Bianucci 4/2/19
Alfred Janus 3/22/19
Raymond Milnes 3/22/19
John “Jack” Hession 3/20/19
Joseph Kleinbrook 3/20/19
Jack Leonard 3/18/19
William O’Connell 3/16/19
James Martin 3/14/19
Barry Wawrzyn 3/14/19
Darlene Fahle 3/9/19
Catherine McCartin 3/9/19
Betty Gallo 3/6/19
Alexander Burak 2/21/19
Joan Kotonski 2/24/19
Regina Barcelona 2/20/19
Maria Chiaro 2/10/19
Helen Stringham 2/6/19
Carole Dea 1/24/19
William Kappel 1/26/19
Frank Slomski 1/21/19
Antoinette Cardamone 1/14/19
Patricia McGreal 1/4/19
Lorraine McFerron 1/6/19
Mary Ann Minardi 1/5/19
Susan Evans 1/2/19
Sharon Salerno 1/1/19
Raymond Ascencio 12/26/18
John O’Malley, Sr 12/18/18
Salvatore Spalla 12/17/18
Deanne O’Toole 12/17/18
Mary Corcoran 12/14/18
Margaret Will 12/14/18
Raffaelina Gentile 12/3/18
Loretta Kodatt 12/1/18
Dorothy Kern 12/1/18
Joseph Saele 11/29/18
Melvin “Mel” Benakovich 11/27/18
John “Jack” Shanahan 11/22/18
Lorin Schab 11/24/18
Inez Rivera 11/18/18
Edna McDonnnell 11/17/18
John Rank 11/10/18
Patricia “PJ” Joniak 11/8/18
Jean Palmer 11/5/18
Michael Peck 10/28/18
Michael P. McGrath 10/24/18
James Austing 10/8/18
Belinda Reyes 10/7/18
Thomas Novack 10/3/18