Parish Pastoral Council

Our Lady of the Woods Parish Pastoral Council is the primary consultative body to the pastor. The Council will explore the Life and Activity of the parish and the local community in order to unify the parish and the plan for its future.

Through discernment, consensus , prayer, plus the guidance and gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Council is dedicated to define and fulfill the parish mission.

The Council shall consist of nine (9) lay members, one staff member, the pastor, and associate pastors or priests assigned to the parish. All members shall be entitled to actively participate in and decide matters before the Council.

Spiritual Life Commission:
The purpose of the Spiritual Life Commission is to foster the evangelization and proclamation of the spiritual mission of the parish through worship, sacraments, vocations , and other ministries.

Human Concerns Commission:
The purpose of the Human Concern Commission is to fulfill the social, physical, and emotional needs of the parish and its community.

Educational/Formation Commission:
The purpose of the Education/Formation Commission is to advance the religious understanding of all children and adults of the parish.

Parish Life Commission:
The purpose of the Parish Life Commission is to build a sense of friendship, community, and belonging with the parish.Â

Parish Finance Council:
The Parish Finance Council is a distinct and separate committee whose members are chosen and appointed by the pastor based on skills and expertise in management, accounting and /or finance. Members of the Finance council assist and advise the pastor in the preparation and review of annual budget, management of funds, and the overall fund -raining needs of the parish.