Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

What is RCIA?
It is a journey in faith. RCIA stands for Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. It is the process by which adults who are not Catholics are welcomed into the Christian Family in the Catholic Church.

Who is it for?
All are welcome to join in the Journey in Faith. Many ordinary parishioners find the sessions helpful to develop their knowledge of their faith and their understanding of its traditions.

Perhaps you are married to a Catholic and wish to find out more about your spouse’s faith. Perhaps you are already a Catholic and wish to grow more in your faith. Or perhaps you aren’t Catholic but have thought about becoming a Catholic. The RCIA Journey in Faith is for all of you!

Becoming a Catholic is not just a matter of learning and accepting a number of beliefs. It is a process of growth and conversation. This is why it is called a “Journey in Faith”. It involves personal growth, as well as growing into a particular Catholic community or parish. For this reason each parish in the Catholic Church is responsible for its own RCIA process.

The door is open.

All are welcome.

RCIA evenings are open to all who wish to find out more about becoming a Catholic, regardless of the desire to be baptized or confirmed at the end of the process.

Those who want to inquire more seriously into becoming a Catholic will need a sponsor, who will pray for and support the enquirer in the journey in faith. The sponsor is meant to be a fellow pilgrim on the journey, and must be a Catholic. The sponsor may be a spouse or friend. However, if the enquirer does not know anyone suitable, the parish will be happy to suggest someone.