General Expectations

It is expected that each family become actively involved in Our Lady of the Woods Religious Education Program and parish activities. Children need to see that participation in parish life is a priority for their family. We need to work together to model how to live a conscious and active life in the Catholic Faith.

Parent Participation

The most effective religious formation happens when parents and the catechetical staff work together. We ask parents to participate with their children by accepting the following responsibilities:

  1. Attend Mass on a regular basis with your children on Sundays and Holy Days.
  2. Have your child attend their REP sessions.
  3. Work on their prayers and assignments with them.
  4. Contact the staff or your child’s catechist with your concerns. Talk directly to us.
  5. Parent meetings are held to educate you about the programs. It is essential you attend these meetings.
  6. Twice a year we mail home Progress Reports, in January and May. Review these reports with your student, praise their good work, and help them develop a plan for improvement when needed.

Student Participation

Students are asked to:

  1. Make a personal commitment to regularly attend sessions and participate in their group activities and discussions.
  2. Be responsible to bring to REP their book and any other materials requested by their catechist. Lost text books are to be replaced at the cost of $16.00.
  3. Complete assigned homework or projects on time.
  4. Show Respect of self, others, and property at all times.
  5. To be open to personal prayer, group prayer, and parish liturgies.

Dress Code:

Every place and event has its appropriate dress code. When attending REP, your children are visiting the Lord at his house, our church. One important part of religious education is teaching the value Respect. How the children, catechist, and staff present themselves attributes to developing respect for self and others. The following guidelines have been established as reference for dressing to attend REP sessions:

  • No sleepwear such as pajama pants, slippers, tank tops.
  • No exposed undergarments (boys or girls)
  • No spandex / bike shorts
  • No low cut neck lines
  • No backless or strapless tops
  • No hats or other head coverings
  • No holes in shorts or pants above finger tip length
  • Tank tops should have straps as wide as three fingers
  • Skirts must reach the tips of your fingers
  • Midriffs should not be exposed when standing or sitting
  • No heelies or any type of wheels on shoes
  • Items that pose a danger are prohibited (studs, chains, etc.)
  • Items with pictures, labels, or symbols must be appropriate for church.
  • Students who participate in church or area athletic programs must consider this dress code when attending REP sessions before or after their sporting events.

If a student wears clothing deemed inappropriate or distracting to REP, the catechist will notify the staff. The REP staff will give your child a choice of calling home for a change of clothes or wearing clothing provided by the office.

Any child’s personal appearance that is disruptive in the REP setting will be dealt with on an individual basis. These guidelines are not intended to cover all the constantly changing styles and fads. We follow the general rule that a child’s body should be covered from the shoulder to the mid-thigh. Our goal is to provide children with a sense of respect and comfort at our sessions.

These guidelines were developed based on local school district policies.